xxxtentacion merch -shirts? Trousers? Hats? Oh my! With so many several types of clothing available, a small business start-up or perhaps a corporation considering its next marketing campaign may find it difficult deciding on what promotional and personalised clothing would be suitable to represent their business.

If you’re in the mood for different things – or perhaps your organization offers something a little different itself – then consider the hoodie… Custom printed and personalised hoodies already have many great uses in the wider world, such as:

Higher education – Hoodies are very popular with students of universites and colleges, branded making use of their institute’s colours and logo. A university society or business selling to students may want to consider a personalised hoodie because of their own purposes, either for their team/staff to wear or to sell to their customers.

Exercise – Some people prefer to exercise in hoodies, particularly in winter or in colder climates in which a t-shirt is simply insufficient. Gyms and fitness trainers might do well in providing branded hoodies with their clients, to allow them to wear both in and out of training.

Music – Hip-hop and grunge music are synonymous with the hoodie. Many bands and musicians sell personalised hoodies within their merchandising efforts. Therefore, it could make sense for a company in the music industry to get in on the act. Perhaps a drum retailer or a record store should consider selling their own promotional hoodies?

Since they have become popular only a few short years ago, hoodies have represented defiance, non-conformity and generally ways to stand out from the crowd and away from the norm. While they could not suit all business and ventures, a personalised hoodie may be the perfect choice for a business that itself offers something that’s a little bit different.

Unfortunately, however, it should be noted that in a few countries and cultures, the hoodie is frowned upon and associated with negative connotations. The hoodie provides anonymity of the individual, meaning that someone with criminal intent may put them on to conceal their identities from police, security staff and CCTV cameras. With this thought, it should be remembered that personalised hoodies are only appropriate using situations and circumstances and could not be at all appropriate when worn using places. Then again, feel absolve to use this in your favor: a hoodie may be perfect for a guerrilla advertising campaign or during an outrageous, over-the-top publicity stunt.


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