For such a small country, Ireland has plenty to offer the first-time visitor and the well-seasoned traveller. The Emerald Isle is steeped in history, culture and folk law, leaving you with so much more to do than just having a pint of Guinness. Due to its size, one of the best ways to visit Ireland, whilst packing in as much as possible, would be via coach. Global Coach Tours offers an incredible amount packages, suitable for everyone.

Surprisingly, there are more than a few benefits to coach tours. Plenty of holiday time can be spent travelling between places of interest, and flying across a country between destinations can take up even more of that valuable time. Coach tours offer a fascinating way to see the countryside between the destinations. The rolling green hills, gorgeous villages and breath-taking views are yours for the taking as you travel to the next destination. Everything visible without even moving from your seat. On each coach tour, you will be accompanied by an experienced driver that knows all the best routes, and an experienced Tour Manager that will bring your adventure to life through local tales and interesting facts. Everything Global Coach Tours does is designed to offer the most amazing experience, including accommodation and meals.

The choice of tour can be an important decision, whether it’s a lifelong dream to visit a particular destination, or an urge to take in as much as possible, Global Coach Tours has something for everyone. For those wanting wild nights out experiencing Ireland’s flourishing night time culture – a St Patricks Day tour, or a trek around their world-famous Whiskey distilleries, both offer plenty to see and do. For the holidaymaker wanting to experience as much as possible, there are plenty of tours on offer, for instance the seven day ‘Irish Explorer’ tour, stopping in Dublin, Belfast, the Giants Causeway, Londonderry, Sligo, Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Ring of Kerry and Blarney should tick plenty of destinations off the list.

Global Coach Tours are an award winning, family run business with representatives around the world, so they’re well versed in making sure you get the most out of your trip to Ireland. The tours typically last between seven and fourteen days, and are packed with things to do and see, as well as giving you time to explore destinations yourself. The company offer the most comprehensive tours of Ireland, allowing you to make the very best of your stay.